What will Donald Trump?s travel expenses look like?

President's travel expenses
The ability for a business to stay on top of employee outgoings like travel expenses goes a long way towards both creating an honest working environment and looking after the pennies that fund future growth.

Travel expenses quickly add up, and form an important part of an overall expenses policy that all companies need to have in place.

From hooves to helicopters, the travel expenses clocked up by historic US presidents have interestingly only gone in one direction ? cheaper. Abraham Lincoln moved around by horse and cart, moving at the painfully slow pace of 8 km/h. Not only drawn out, it also cost a lot in fuel, horse power and accommodation.

Fast-forward through the ages and from Harry S. Truman?s USS Williamsburg to Richard Nixon?s Lincoln Continental, US presidents have got faster, safer and smarter when it comes to travel.

Outgoing president Barack Obama has a Cadillac One nicknamed ?The Beast? ? a car containing a cache of his own blood, bombproof glass and Kevlar tyres.

So while it?s fair to say that the travel expense incurred by US presidents have evolved throughout the years, many businesses are failing to put in place a fast, safe and smart expenses policy.

The webexpenses whitepaper accessible through the link below will take you through the exact steps needed to create an effective expenses policy, including expert guidance, the lowdown on legislation and a template policy document to kick things off. It’s the free and essential advice you need to get it right in your company.


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