Will entrepreneurs decide the election’s outcome?

Following a short meeting with the Queen, Gordon Brown stood outside Downing Street this morning to announce the dissolution of Parliament and to call a general election on May 6.

Asking for a “clear and straightforward mandate” to continue the work of economic recovery, Gordon Brown – who is facing his first election as Labour leader – said he will tell voters that Britain is on the road to recovery and “nothing we do should put that recovery at risk”.

“We will say to the British people: ‘Our cause is your cause’. Let’s go to it,” Gordon Brown said.

We say that the entrepreneurial cause should be the next government’s cause.

It’s a good thing that Gordon Brown has finally called the election. No matter your political views, it’s certain to be an exciting contest – and whoever does win the general election on May 6, Britain is guaranteed to be a substantially different country in five years’ time.

It’s up to you to decide how you want the country to change. With over 60 per cent of small business owners feeling that their experience of running a business will influence how they’ll vote, the entrepreneurial community cannot be ignored.

Our position, as the Champion of UK Enterprise, is to be on our readers’ side. So, who do you think has the right policies for getting Britain back on track? Who do you think should lead us through the economic recovery? Get in touch, or leave your comments below.

Also be sure to book your place at our post-election Entrepreneurs’ Summit, where our distinguished panel of expert speakers will dissect the election results and what it all means for Britain’s entrepreneurial community.

Just a week after the general election, on May 12, business leaders including Stelios, Brent Hoberman and Jos White will be looking at how post-election Britain will be shaped. Places are being booked quickly, so be sure to guarantee your place now.


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