Will King: “Give away equity at your peril”

King, who took part in a panel discussion with Brent Hoberman of Lastminute.com fame, Dr Rabinder Buttar of ClinTec and advertising guru Johnny Hornby, advised the audience to take on the recession with spirit and gusto.

"Don’t sell yourself short," he said. "I never think: ‘Crickey, my competitors are enormous, I’m bound to go under’. Actually, I look at Gillette and see that it has priced itself into a particular marketplace, whereas I’m looking at manufacturing the cheapest product on a cost-per-shave basis. I’m very much in the battle."

King publishes a regular blog and posts daily "tweets" on Twitter. "I went to a business event yesterday and I was gobsmacked at how many entrepreneurs weren’t using Twitter to market their brand," he said. "It’s free and it’s one of the most disruptive technologies out there. It’s a different way for us to challenge the big boys."

The 2009 Real Business Entrepreneurs’ Summit was held in association with Investec Private Bank.

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