Will “King of Shaves” King: “Beards don’t grow more slowly in a bust!”

Will King is more than an entrepreneur, he’s a maverick, small business hero and an inspiration to other would-be entrepreneurs. He took on the might of Gilette back in the early nineties with his brand new, "face-friendly" line of razors, blades and gels. Today the business turns over £75m and is ranked second in the cut-throat shaving industry.

Watch the Real Business interview with King on why he’s unfazed by the recession and what entrepreneurial opportunities he expects to come out of the downturn.

Will King is all about innovation and risk-taking. When he launched his brand in 1993, he hand-bottled his first 9,600 products! The entrepreneur and millionaire gives his tips to fellow SMEs on being creative now, during the recession.

Which businesses are ripe for investment right now? Will King dismisses so-called "muppet internet firms" and raves about the entrepreneurs with business models that show a clear return on investment for moneymen.

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