Will swine flu bring us down?

Pace really hotting up now – even by our standards!   Staff assessments finished yesterday. Meanwhile, next year’s designs are being finished off; it’s our end of year tomorrow (stock-checking joys); we’re short-staffed and running behind with work; and, lo and behold, two employees are off work with swine flu. One of the two down is head of sales, who came in looking a bit pale but was ghostly by 11am.  Meanwhile, Second-in-Charge is still extremely shaky and probably should be off work. Looks exhausted by mid-afternoon each day. Am working anything up to 16 hours a day and wondering how long I can keep it up. At same time, am trying to make emergency plan should swine flu race through entire work force.  Definitely reminded that it can be a tad lonely at the top.

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