Wimbledon 2017 is over for Andy Murray, but these businesses will occupy him

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14 July 2017

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Tennis champion Andy Murray fell out of the Wimbledon 2017 tournament following an injury, but the keen investor will have plenty to occupy his time in the business world.

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2017 Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Murray alongside heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua to promote the Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Wimbledon 2017 ends on Saturday 15 July and unfortunately British champion Andy Murray will be nowhere to be seen.

Winner of the tournament in 2013 and 2016, Murray was unable to make it a third victory as he fell out of the running due to injury during a quarter final on Wednesday 12 July against Sam Querrey.

Still, with Wimbledon 2017 out of the way, Murray will be able to focus on another passion of his – business investments.

The gold medal-winning Olympian isn’t just serious about winning tennis, he’s serious about putting his tennis winnings to good use. Worth a reported £58m, the 30-year-old sportsman counts deals with the likes of Under Armour and Jaguar as additional revenue streams.

In 2014, he said: A tennis career can be short. I try to invest as much as possible in things such as property. Last year I set up my own sports management company called 77, which I spent a few hundred thousand on.”

To mark Murray’s impressive efforts on the court during Wimbledon 2017, now that it’s over for another year, we’ve looked at the key businesses he’s invested in and what they stand for.

77 Sports Management

Launched in 2013 by Murray in collaboration with business advisers Matt Gentry and Gawain Davies, 77 Sports Management helps sporting professionals preserve their careers and business opportunities, in the same way the tennis star has.

Those signed up can expect business advice, support on and off the field, as well as brand strategies tailored for the client.

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2017 77 Sports Management

Murray reportedly paid himself a £1.3m service fee at the end of 2015

“Putting the athlete and their performance first and then building a bespoke business strategy for them is vitally important,” Murray said.

“It rarely happens in practice, but it’s one of the founding principles of 77 Sports Management. It’s something I am passionate about and is one of the areas I feel I can help and advise on, passing on the valuable lessons I’ve learnt in my career.”

According to a report, sole shareholder Murray paid himself a £1.3m service fee for the year ended November 2015.

Now we’re at the end of Wimbledon 2017, find out just how much devotion Murray has given his Scottish luxury hotel on the next page.


Satiating his appetite for in property, Murray is the proud owner of luxury hotel Cromlix, which can be found in his native Scotland near to his Dunblane hometown.

The Victorian mansion was bought by the tennis player at the start of 2013 for a reported £1.8m as he stated he would be “securing its future as a successful business,” making the year a busy one alongside the launch of 77.

Cromlix Andy Murray Wimbledon 2017

Murray has spent a reported £6m refurbishing Cromlix

“By re-establishing Cromlix as a leading luxury hotel at the heart of the Dunblane community we will be able to attract new visitors to the area, create a number of new jobs and focus on supporting other local businesses,” Murray said. He added that he was satisfied he could give back to his community.

Taking that duty seriously, the hotel reopened a year after the takeover and by the end of 2015, Murray was said to have invested £6m to refurbish Cromlix.

Guests at the venue can expect their choice of 15 rooms in the mansion – five suites and ten bedrooms – while a lodge is also on the property.

With 34 acres of woodland around, Cromlix also comes with a chapel, loch and a Chez Roux restaurant.


Room prices vary based on the season, but a small double can currently be booked for £235 a night, with a suite priced at £595.

On the next page, we look at how Murray has found a passion for crowdfunding, embracing a series of sectors in the process.


Rewind to June 2015 and crowdfunding platform Seedrs revealed it had secured a “strategic partnership” with Murray, who was world number three at the time, with the tennis star to sit on the advisory board.

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2017 Seedrs investments

Murray made anonymous investments on Seedrs before joining the board

CEO and founder Jeff Lynn, said: “Not one simply to hand over his winnings to a manager, Andy is a great example of the growing body of people who want a say in where their capital goes.

“One area that has interested Andy in particular is the technology space. As the British tech startup ecosystem continues to grow rapidly, he has decided to build up a portfolio of investments in the sector.”

Demonstrating his business acumen, Murray tested the water by making anonymous investments before making his presence known to Seedrs.

During his time as a Seedrs investor, Murray has backed the following businesses:


(1) Healthy eating chain Tossed

(2) 3D VR shop developer Trillenium

(3) Investment community Fuel Ventures Fund

Opening up on his maiden investments, Murray said: “It’s important to me that I back people who I believe have the same dedication, hunger and professional standards as myself and always strive to be their best.

“The three businesses I’ve chosen to kick off my crowdfunding investment portfolio are all in areas of industry I find interesting. Healthy eating is something I have to be passionate about as a sportsman, so Tossed was immediately one to consider, and the other two businesses are really pushing the boundaries of technology.


(1) Healthy dessert brand Oppo Ice Cream

(2) Travel service CommuterClub

(3) P2P lender Landbay

(4) Film streaming platform Colony

(5) Digital magazine catalogue Readbug

(6) Cyclist navigation device Beeline

(7) Pet monitoring system Dog Tracker Nano

(8) On-demand beauty service Blow 

(9) Staff benefits hub Perkbox

(10) P2P travel money platform WeSwap

“I’m continuing to grow my portfolio through Seedrs and have tried to choose companies from different sectors as much as possible,” said Murray of his diverse investments.


(1) Plastic road producer MacRebur

(2) Golf technology developer VPAR

(3) Mobile shopping software Bijou Commerce

(4) Smart home system Den

(5) Flat-folding helmet Morpher

(6) Property finance channel Landbay – for the second time

Lynn added: “Andy is a great example of an investor who understands this asset class and the importance of building a broad investment portfolio.”

So with Wimbledon 2017 over for the ace, it’s safe to say that he’ll have plenty to occupy his time – especially as Seedrs looks to push forward having reached its fifth year.