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The art of business dating: Make your customers swipe right

The same applies to dating, the difference being, if a first date doesn’t quite go to plan, you never have to see the person again. While this may seem perfect to some, for businesses it means the loss of a valuable customer and no chance of loyalty.

So what can companies do to not only attract customers but also win them over from the first interaction and create a long-lasting relationship?

For me, I believe you should treat your customers as you would a partner.

The rules of attraction

For many of us the beginning of a relationship is usually seen as the best. It’s fresh, interesting and everything seems exciting, the “honeymoon period . Both parties go out of their way to impress each other and bonds between the couple strengthen.

This should be no different when it comes to businesses and their customers. It’s at this initial stage in a relationship that an organisation needs to demonstrate to a customer why they are the right choice and essentially, the right business for them.

First impressions count the early days of a relationship can act as a ?make or break” moment between customers sticking with you or quickly moving to a competitor.

It’s important to invest time and effort into giving customers attention and making them feel valued. This will not only show them that you care, but will create the spark that’s needed to keep the customer interested past the first interaction.

Get up-close and personal

Every personal relationship is different and the same goes for business relationships. You can’t treat a new customer the same way you treated your last. People have different preferences when it comes to interacting, meaning what may have worked for one customer, could easily put another off.

So how do you solve this” Get to know them as individuals and how they like to interact so you’re able to connect with them in the right way. Taking a personal approach means you can tailor your offering based on preferences and needs. Over time you?ll learn more and know exactly the best, most suitable service and support to offer to your customer. This will enhance the relationship and develop a strong, unique bond, making customers want to return for the same high-end experience next time.

Continue on the next page for three more gestures of the business variety that can woo you customers and leave them tingling all over.


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