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Windows 10 Enterprise: Why companies should not rush in

Windows 8 left a lot to be desired in the way of an efficient operating systems for businesses. Microsoft failed to meet many of the needs of businesses in its previous OS incarnation, meaning that today many businesses are still sitting with the 2009 Windows 7 firmly established on IT frameworks.

With the release of Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft has promised to focus on business consumers and their needs. It seems that, for the most part, Microsoft has opened its eyes up to how consumers interact with operating systems and has stepped into 2015.

However, how much has its latest operating system branched out and brought something new and unique to the market is still under debate.

Windows 10 Enterprise is aimed at unifying the user experience over a multitude of platforms and devices, creating a shared platform architecture that has not previously been seen in other versions of its OS. With features like Cortana, Enterprise Data Protection, two-fold authentication systems and improved control processes it would seem that Microsoft has upped its game somewhat.

Functionality and user interface

Having been criticised for its full screen start menu in Windows 8, Microsoft has brought back the smaller start screen and button seen in Windows 7 and beyond. For Windows 10 users this is a sigh of relief as desktop functionality improves.

Microsoft has also introduced voice control onto desktop in the form of their latest and greatest virtual assistant, Cortana. Combining elements of Google Now, Google Keep and Siri, Cortana has been hailed by Microsoft as the ultimate virtual assistant. While we can give Microsoft credit for providing its users with a virtual assistant that is always listening for the fateful Hello Cortana , how much this aids the running of businesses remains unseen.

Cortana can assist users with task reminders, calendar reminders, location information and travel updates. In addition, it can help you find files on your hard drive and does not interrupt normal mouse and keyboard function. Therefore allowing users to continue replying to an email whilst commanding Cortana to set a reminder.

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Reading this you may think that it is a great new function from Microsoft. We all have those days when you can just never get enough done and in the second it took you to remember that you need to phone Jim back from the IT department, you have forgotten only to remember when it’s too late. In those moments how could you not want an assistant that you could bark orders to But thinking practically, can you imagine an office where everyone is telling their computer what to do It creates the basis for a very distracting work environment.

Not only that but with Cortana always recording, waiting for that hello, unnecessary computer resources are constantly being used in the background and security concerns are raised when wondering what exactly happens to these recordings

When Windows 10 was released, many people had voiced their concerns around the fact that Microsoft is gathering information from apps like Cortana and its new Edge browser to improve user ability. Although Microsoft have stated that Enterprise is not defaulted to record information, for companies that deal with sensitive data in daily workloads this can be a valid worry.

Visit page two to find out about BYOD, Microsoft’s stance on future updates and why it pays to wait a little longer before acting.



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