Why winning an award is important for your business

Of course, winning an award will be the ambition of all the nominees at the Amazon Growing Business Awards on the big night, which takes place on Wednesday 29 November.

Winning an award can have incredible benefits – unless it’s a win reminiscent of this year’s Academy Award blunder, which saw La La Land named Best Picture, only for it to be revealed Moonlight was the actual winner – for a business, both internal and external.

At the judging day for the Amazon Growing Business Awards, we heard from some of the finalists about the benefits of winning an award.

“I think it boosts employee morale, definitely. It makes them feel part of something larger and something very successful. It also builds your corporate profile, so companies become aware of you, who would normally be aware of you in your own home markets or export markets,” said Lucy Foster of ATG Access.

Anthony Rose of Seedlegals, meanwhile, said winning an award offers “necessary acclaim”, something that’s needed when a business is trying to reinvent the wheel and disrupt an industry that hasn’t been changed.

“It’s a wonderful selling tool to be able to say to customers and suppliers, we’re an award-winning business,” said Andrew Gibb of Coldpress Foods.

But what do judges look for when deciding which company should be winning an award? For Trent Refractories’ Katy Moss: “It’s about the story they’ve got to tell and how true they’ve maintained themselves during the process they’ve gone through building the business.

Check out all of the thoughts on winning an award in the video below.

Want to know who will be victorious on the big night of the event? You can secure your tickets on the Amazon Growing Business Awards website, and keep updated with all the developments with the #GrowingBusinessAwards hashtag on Twitter!


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