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In a kitchen scene, Lorraine McFly takes a coaster-sized pizza out of its wrapping and puts it into a Black and Decker rehydrator. In a matter of 12 seconds, the pizza gets heated to perfection and grows in size substantially.

Let’s not forget the perplexing realisation that although the pizza itself was hot, the metal plate beneath it was still normal temperature, as is demonstrated by Lorraine handling it with bare hands.

In many ways, the rehydrator is like a microwave in the fact that it heats food, which can all be done in a number of variety of ‘heat settings’. Lorraine instructs the device to hydrate on level four, please . And dehydrated food is now available for camping trips and emergency kits.

The only thing close enough to the rehydrator is the Maid. It’s a voice-controlled oven/microwave with voice-recognition and gesture control.


The hovercam would undoubtedly be a journalist’s best friend. The concept is that these robotic cameras would hover themselves over to news locations and report on them in live time. In this instance, when Griff is being led away by the police for trashing a courthouse the hovercam is instantly on the scene , generating a the story through the use of Compu-Fax.

It is also capable of taking photos, as is evident by one of its shots being used on the front page of USA Today the day after Griff’s act of vandalism.

At the moment we’ll have to make do with small unmanned aerial vehicles such as the Aeryon Scout. Often quoted as the most sophisticated and highest quality aerial intelligence available today,” its manufacturers hope to use it on military surveillance missions or as a replacement for CCTV.

The Scenery Channel

Briefly watched by Jennifer Parker after arriving at the McFly house, the scene screen is broken and constantly shifts in static form.

It is a window shade that doubles as a video screen. Through this way it’s possible to pick your very own scenery, displaying anything from mountain views, city skylines at night and tropical beaches.

One of the available channels was the Scenery Channel, which broadcast different scenic views on a 24 hour basis.

Although we do have created ‘window scenes’, they are mere posters that can be used to change the workplace wall into a landscape.

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Alpha-Rhythm Generator

As strange as it may sound, there are probably quite a few reasons why this device has yet to be made.

Doc uses the Alpha-Rythm Generator on Jennifer. She tags along when Doc picks up Marty to go to 2015 and starts asking way too many questions. The solution Put her to sleep. The device essentially renders her unconscious for quite some time.

He attempts to use it on Marty Jr as well, but since he’d recently used it on Jennifer it wasn’t as effective. So we can deduce that even in the movie the product isn’t perfect.

It’s been said that the EZ sleep has two lights that shine into a person’s eyes and send similar brain wave patterns shown during the early stages of sleep.

Imagine all the possibilities that it could be used for. We could treat insomniacs (or at least get them some much-needed rest) and could even use the device during surgery instead of giving drugs to patients in order to knock them out.

In 2006 the US Patent Office granted a patent for an “apparatus for inducing energies of alpha rhythm to the human body”.

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