WOF Summit 2012: The path to the top

“I have nine children,” so the full disclosure of the CEO of Newton Investment Management, Helena Morrissey.

Nine children and assets under management of over £46bn at Newton – how does she do it all?

“It’s very difficult,but I think that’s part of life.”

Building personal success, achieving work-life balance and overcoming major personal obstacles was a difficult part of life for everyone on the Path to the Top panel at the Women of the Future Summit 2012. But Rona Fairhead, Chairman and Chief Executive at the Financial Times Group, Truett Tate, Chairman at Arora Holdings and Helena Morrissey did it all.

“One of the most important things about being successful in business is knowing what’s important to you as an individual,” said Truett Tate. “Balance isn’t always a trade-off. Let your passions influence your job.” 

The Women of the Future Summit was presented by Real Business and Pinky Lilani OBE and sponsored by Credit SuisseYum RestaurantsArgonon and Said Business School.

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