Women of the Future Summit

It’s 9am on the dot and we are about to get going. (Although this is going to be tough, as I am only posting this one hour later. Too much good stuff to note down.)

Kirsty Wark, presenter of BBC’s Newsnight, is just taking to the stage.

"It’s going to be a mini-Davos for women," she says. "A day for us to re-evaluate our place in the world of work. "Women are too tough on themselves, she says.

Women bring their multiple selves to work.

Why are we still shocked and surprised that women are succesful? is her principal question. On her flight downfrom Glasgow, Wark expressed surprise that the pilot and co-pilot of her plane were both women – "I felt safer in a strange sort of way" . The rest of crew were female. When she asked the purser about being able to speak to the pilot in the cockpit, she was told that "It’s not called a cockpit on this flight!"

Anyway, we’re onto a winner here. Kirsty is everything that a chairman of this event needs to be.

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