Wonga Future 50: Crunch.co.uk

In an increasingly automated world, what future for many straightforward, numbers-based tasks currently performed by humans? Such as accountancy, for example…

Crunch.co.uk calls itself ?the Apple of the accounting world, evolutionising the way freelancers, contractors and small businesses do their accounting?.

How so? The Crunch.co.uk offer has three components:

1. Their own online account that automates many time-consuming processes previously done manually ? VAT, for example, is automatically calculated onto invoices and customers can view the real-time financial health of their business.

2. Unlimited access to their own account manager who assists with all the humdrum form-filling and admin ? as well as general help with their online account.

3. Unlimited access to a team of expert accountants providing on-tap advice ? all just a phone call away and at no extra charge.

With more and more micro-enterprises emerging that will require this combination of automation and human interaction, this is all sensible stuff. A real eye-catcher is the fee: fixed at ?59.99. This is far, far cheaper than other services.

Two years after founding, Crunch.co.uk has 1,400 customers, is growing at 130+ new customers a month and hitting ?90k+ per month in revenue.

Notably, Paul ?Bebo.com? Birch came on board as an investor last year. Birch only backs firms with serious potential. The ?Apple? of accounting?? Well, not yet. But it?s a major new service in an industry dominated by weary accountants with painfully inflated fees, and we salute that.

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