Wonga Future 50: Cyclehoop

Cycling is on the increase. Cities are increasingly devoting space to this environmentally friendly form of travel.

Parking your bike can, however, be a pain in the rear. Lamposts are too girthsome for a u-lock. And some shorter posts mean thieves can lift the bike up in order to pinch it.

Anthony Lau’s solution is properly engineered bike stations. His London firm, Cyclehoop, specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of indoor and outdoor cycle parking and related products. The firm manufactures the Cyclehoop range of retrofitting bicycle racks that converts existing street furniture into cycle parking. It also supplies a full range of cycle shelters, lockers and stands for both indoor and outdoor parking. And the firm is developing QR code-enabled bicycle pump stands. And, significantly, Lau and colleagues are targeting international and public-body markets around the world.

If you’ve had your bike stolen (and even the Mayor of London is a multiple victim) or a flat tyre you’ll appreciate just why we fast-tracked Cyclehoop into the Wonga Future 50.

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