Wonga Future 50: Engensa

A pair of canny pensioners caught the eye of the Daily Mail in October after cutting their household energy bill to ?3 a month.

They simply used all the alternative energy sources they could: a wood burner, solar panels and a solar hot water system.

And it is precisely these technologies that are putting Engensa on the brink of greatness. The firm supplies solar PV, solar thermal, heat pumps, boilers and energy management tools to households looking to slash their bills.

It also provides finance so households can buy the stuff. The savings they make by installing eco-kit means the loans are self-financing.

The past couple of years have seen astronomical growth for the firm, with revenues rising 15-fold to ?15m and monthly installation volumes leaping 25-fold. Therefore, Engensa expanded from ten to nearly 100 employees and they?re adding four a week as they expand dramatically to reshape how families heat their homes. With new innovations in the pipeline ? technology, product, and business management ? there are ambitious plans for continued expansion and the team is forecasting ?35m revenue over the next 12 months.

As energy costs rise, it will be firms such as Engensa that introduce eco-technologies which have existed (often ignored!) for years to cost-conscious households.

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