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Wonga Future 50: Mobile Future Group

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Mobile advertising was a joke for years. Then the laughing stopped. Just four years after the UK market was worth £25m, 2012 mobile advertising will hit £500m (up 132 per cent in the first half of 2012 alone). It’s hardly surprising: smartphone ownership is close to 60 per cent of the UK adult population. Facebook is urgently developing a mobile ad strategy for its 550 million monthly mobile users.

Big numbers, which have driven an explosion in ad networks. But with the growth came new difficulties, such as how to track customer behaviour.

Mobile Future Group’s patented technology platforms (AD-X and Linking Mobile) track and monitor mobile customer acquisition for brands on a global basis.

Linking Mobile is the firm’s mobile affiliate network. The platform allows mobile site and mobile application publishers to connect with advertisers on a cost-per-acquisition basis wherever they are in the world. Linking Mobile delivers leads for brands such as Peugeot, Marks and Spencer, Mazda, Avis, Vodafone, Fitness First and O2. Linking Mobile has campaigns live in over 30 countries.

The AD-X platform tracks 400-plus mobile applications worldwide, including Coca-Cola, The Telegraph, Priceline,, Debenhams, Wonga, SKY, Dominos, Virgin Media and ESPN. AD-X has monitored close to 80 million downloads since launch and is tracking approximately one million mobile app downloads per day.

As mobile advertising sucks in more and more ad spend, services supplied by ingenious firms such as Mobile Future Group are going to be an essential tool in every marketer’s armoury.

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