Wonga Future 50: Parkatmyhouse.com

The name says it all. Parkatmyhouse.com allows people who own an unused parking space to rent it out to drivers who need one.

The matching of spaces to drivers is done on the website.

Renters list spaces. Drivers are then sent the details on where to park.

COO Alex Stephany says: ?Our spaces are 50-70 per cent cheaper than meters or car parks. Moreover, people find our spots far more convenient. They can book in advance, knowing exactly where their spot is and not worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam when they leave (many of our users are attending sports stadia or music venues). We also help drivers who want their vehicle to be more securely parked off-street where it is less likely to be vandalised.?

The firm has 40,000 spaces at 20,000 locations, and 150,000 users, growing by 10,000 a month.

One church has made ?150,000 though the site.

Brilliant idea? Yes. Creating a new market? Yes. On our Wonga Future 50? Absolutely.

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