Wonga Future 50: Rentmygarden

A strong theme in this year’s Wonga Future 50 is renting. Rent my car (WhipCar), rent my parking space (Parkatmyhouse.com) and now Rentmygarden.com. They’re all part of the ?collaborative consumption? movement ? ie, what’s mine is yours (at a price).

Rentmygarden enables those with gardens to periodically rent them out for barbecues, growing food and plants, parties, events, storage, picnics, camping, filming and for wedding parties. The site enables thousands of people who do not yet have a garden to enjoy outdoor living, even if for a short while, while the garden owner is able to make some extra money.

Only a year old, this service, one of the smallest businesses/concepts on our list, but we’ve seen how quickly a market can develop in a niche such as this; or indeed how an initial model can adapt depending on consumer reaction. Will Rentmygarden kickstart a new way of thinking about our green spaces (and how to commercialise them)? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

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