Wonga Future 50: SoDash

Firms need to interact with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But it?s a hell of a chore. Much of the chatter on these networks is, well, just that.

So how to winnow the wheat from the chaff?

Two Scottish PhDs have developed an algorithmn-powered Artificial Intelligence social-media dashboard that offers some truly extraordinary tools for firms seeking to improve their performance.

They explain it thus:

?The SoDash AI can be trained to distinguish between what?s relevant to your business or campaign, and what?s just pointless chatter. While other tools determine sentiment solely based on generic positive or negative words, SoDash is trained to decipher elements such as a message’s structure, content, and who?s sending it. For example, ?Irn Bru is a sick drink!? means something very different to ?Irn Bru tastes like sick!?. SoDash puts all this into context to build up a deep understanding of why certain messages mean certain things to each client.

?SoDash clients define their own categories and enjoy powerful automation and analysis tailored to their specific definitions. The AI automatically tags messages with bespoke labels, delivers market information, ghost-writes responses, provides exceptionally accurate reports and much more. With SoDash, clients can quickly make sense of the countless conversations flowing across social media platforms and turn them into valuable, performance-defining research.?

Virgin, Universal and Phones4U are all using it. SoDash revenues are growing fast. Well worth following.

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