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Wonga Future 50: Three days to go!

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The Wonga Future 50 list of promising young businesses is set to be announced on Wednesday. Published by Real Business, the Wonga Future 50 showcases 50 of the best British young businesses who are on the road to success.

At an exclusive event at the British Library on Wednesday, we will reveal which companies have made the cut this year.

Winners will be treated to a celebratory reception, as well as inclusion in one of the top entrepreneur lists in Britain today. Inductees will also be given the chance to receive a support package worth up to £10,000 of business support from the British Library’s Business & IP Centre.

People’s Champion

Plus, look out for our Wonga Future 50 “People’s Champion” vote, which opens on Thursday.

This will be the public’s opportunity to choose who they consider Britain’s most innovative young firm. Wonga Future 50 companies will be encouraged to drum as much support as possible, so get ready to vote and take part!

Be sure to check back on Real Business on Wednesday…

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