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Why does anyone still buy off-the peg luxury goods? Fancy that £250 shirt? Pay £65 for a tailor-made shirt from or The Cad & the Dandy.

And women’s shoes? Why buy Louboutins when it means shoehorning your bunions into the limited range of sizes? is the made-to-order luxury shoe label for women, where you design your own beautiful shoes online and have them lovingly handmade to the highest quality and delivered to your door within just a few weeks.

From the classic to the avant-garde, there are literally millions of style options available in the click of a mouse via Upper Street’s 3D Shoe Designer. More than 600,000 high-quality images are used to create the shoes and deliver the customer a “true-to-life” image, which they can rotate through 360 degrees to visualise their creation. Every aspect of the website is designed to maintain the brand’s boutique approach and deliver customers a luxury experience online.

The service has all the touches you’d expect: online and offline support, posh packaging, personal swatch books, bespoke lasts, exclusive materials and special orders. Alterations to fit are included as part of the service, minimising concerns about sizing. And customers can return shoes for any reason, although a product return rate of only two per cent demonstrates the focus on product quality and customer service.

On a wider level, such services reveal a new, more personalised retail experience that’s certain to become more common. For decades, retailers have foisted whatever they want on their customers. Now the tables are turning, and we can see Upper Street’s proposition extending into a broader set of luxury clothing.

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