Wonga Future 50: WeQ4U

Call centres are the bane of modern life. Fortunately WeQ4U is angrier about them than anyone we?ve ever met.

Founder Matt King is obsessed by call centres ? and he?s come up with a raft of ways to improve the consumer experience.

He?s compiled a ?worst waits? report, to identify the scale of the problem.

And now he’s created a mobile app that allows consumers to avoid premium call charges (calls are routed via an 03 number, which is normally covered under tariff allowances), and that allows the call centre to ring them back when an agent answers. No waiting! And no fee for the app (currently).

His third solution is a business product, WeQ4U 4 Business, which gives business the chance to be piped straight through to an agent. No waiting.

WeQ4U 4 Business is already in use at reference customers across the UK, including brand names such as River Island and Bensons For Beds. The company has also secured reseller arrangements with Elite Telecom.

Turnover for the young firm is growing 13 per cent monthly, and has passed the ?250,000 mark. We’ll be waiting to see this grow…

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