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Woo hoo! Raef Bjayou lives on in The Apprentice.

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It was a much better showing from Raefy-boy compared to last week when he was unwilling to be project manager. A quick scan of today’s blogs shows Raef’s stock is high.

Stewart Turner writes of Raef’s “high-class stewardship” while ex-Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins praises the entrepreneur for finally finding his backbone. “He made good decisions and could see what needed to be done,” she says.

So, who did go then?

Well, team leader Jenny Celerier hauled Shazia Wahab and Lucinda Ledgerwood with her before Sir Alan.

Celerier showed us that she’s got a good set of lungs, screaming her way out of a sacking. "For the entire process it has felt like I have had to breastfeed you both," she bellowed at one point.

In the end, Sir Alan placed the blame on Wahab, a 35-year-old mosaic artist and company director from London. Her crime? Not telling her team-mates what the labelling system for the laundry was.

Farewell, then, Shazia. I can’t say we’ll miss you.

And well done, Raef. Do us proud next week, son. Do us proud.

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