Woodwork cavalier

Builders left home (either them or me by this stage) at around 8.15pm on Wednesday night so spent remainder of evening reducing final filth levels.

Will take a while to get straight but getting up this morning, can see I have a kitchen again! So exciting – not to mention practical as my kitchen table is still my favourite working environment; huge amount of space to spread out on (especially essential when doing new designs), peace and quiet and unlimited caffeine or wine. What more could any girl ask for?   Have two-week permit from Second-in-Charge to interfere in his shop floor while we create new pieces. Had one whacky construction thought during night and am gratified that head of woodwork thinks it is both practical, time saving and effective. Feeling confident. I bound around, endeavouring to describe what I want to woodworkers using a combination of strange hand gestures and obscure phrases (not brilliant at verbal communication of ideas, but worse with a pencil). 

See out of corner of eye that new addition and furniture design graduate is looking slightly stunned by my cavalier approach to design.     

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