World-class customer service? Pah!

Then I receive news that our paint suppliers have “run out” of lacquer. Minor detail really!     The company is old and established. Been with them nearly all the time I have been in business and have received absolutely first-class service from both branch manager and rep.   Last Christmas, they brought in a supposedly "world-class trainer" to coach them all in upping their service levels to survive the recession. Result? Another manager was added just above branch-manager level. Despite being one of their larger customers, this guy has never had courtesy of gracing our doorstep. Branch manager clearly (though had heard on grapevine anyway) has his hands tied and is utterly de-motivated. There never seem to be enough staff to man the branch as all are leaving in droves. Now, stock levels fail on a seriously major product. 

Wonder if this is the effect of “world-class training in customer service”. Think might save my money!

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