World?s leading luxury hotel opens ?most ambitious project? since launch

The hotel?s latest feature has been unveiled as the Burj Al Arab Terrace and was developed by marine construction firm Admares in Finland. In order to keep the resort as tranquil as usual with limited disruption for guests, the development was shipped to Dubai in eight pieces.

A luxury outdoor leisure facility, the 10,000 metre square area reaches 100m out to sea. It comes equipped with a restaurant and bar, two pools, cabanas with butler service, and a beach area with sunbeds. To that end, hotel says it is ?not only pushing the boundaries of construction, but also of design, architecture and hospitality?.

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To cater to the desires of prestigious customers, one pool is freshwater and the other saltwater, while there are four hot tubs and swim-up bar included too.

Anthony McHale, GM, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, said: ?As the world?s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab continuously evolves and re-invents our guest experience through state-of-the-art facilities. Burj Al Arab Terrace is the ultimate destination for indulgence, socialising and relaxing and is another initiative in our endeavour to delight our guests.

?Burj Al Arab Terrace is our most ambitious project since the hotel was created; it?s a global first in hotel construction with a breakthrough combination of creative marine design, ingenious engineering and guest-friendly planning.?

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The delivery from Finland arrived in January and the terrace has been in development since then. Breaking down the features further, the alfresco Scape restaurant comes with California-inspired fusion dishes from head chef Timur Fazilov.

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Elsewhere, all 32 cabanas come with air conditioning, bar and spa menu, stocked mini bars, fruits and espresso machines, as well as Bang & Olufsen TVs. Eight of the huts are given the tag of ?royal cabana? and these include private bathroom, shower and veranda.

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?The Burj Al Arab Terrace is a new Dubai landmark and a symbol of innovation and engineering excellence. A masterpiece in design and architecture, it reinforces Dubai as an outstanding destination and leader in global hospitality,? added Stefan Leser, group CEO, Jumeirah Group.

?We are immensely proud to offer such a distinctive experience, which will considerably enhance the enjoyment of our Burj Al Arab guests.?

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