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What are the benefits of Yell Business to business owners?

local digital marketing products and services from yell

Anyone who thinks is just a digital replacement for the classic printed Yellow Pages directory needs to take a closer look. is owned by Yell and offers free business listings to company owners, complete with an online consumer reviews platform. But Yell Business also offers a streamlined, joined up approach to digital marketing for businesses. Let’s have a closer look.

Local digital marketing products and services from Yell

For more than 50 years, the Yellow Pages connected consumers with businesses.

And while Yell’s online business directory launched back in 1996, it was as a sideline to the printed book.

When the digital world began to reign supreme, Yell pivoted its iconic brand to an online only business directory.

Today, is the UK’s No.1 online business directory for all types of local businesses (according to Similarweb) and No.1 for managed digital marketing services for local businesses of all types in the UK (according to M-Brain research conducted in 2019).

Yell Business makes digital marketing for local businesses simple

Yell Business builds and manages customised digital marketing plans for companies and is a Google Partner, Facebook Business Partner, an Elite Channel Partner with Microsoft Advertising, and also works with Amazon, Apple and other technology partners to deliver the latest and best customer solutions.

With friendly and knowledgeable advisors, Yell Business can give businesses all the information and support they need to ensure their online presence is super strong.


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Digital marketing is a no-brainer in the 2020s

Half a century of expertise goes into Yell Business’ solutions for the marketing needs of local businesses.

This is probably why they currently handle online marketing for nearly 100,000 businesses in the UK.

Each marketing programme devised by Yell Business is bespoke.

Crafted directly for the business involved, the services and products offered by Yell Business aim to ensure the customer’s online presence is aimed at a targeted consumer demographic.

Local knowledge and expertise blends seamlessly with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.

Building an online presence from scratch

One of the biggest differentiators between Yell’s digital marketing services and other companies is that they’re all in one place.

Yell can build a business’s online presence from scratch with minimum hassle to the business owner, from a highly targeted listing, to an ecommerce website, plus a full range of complementary online advertising options.

Simple processes for accessible marketing

Business owners new to the concept of digital marketing are taken through the process by a Yell Business advisor. They talk through their business needs and budget with them, and then provide a bespoke recommendation for the best digital marketing options.

They’re provided with all of the tools they need, including the free Yell for Business app.


Accessible assistance – Yell for Business app

The app gives the business owner control of their Yell Business marketing account from their mobile device 24/7.

It’s one of the simplest ways for local business owners to get on top of their online marketing without having to piece it all together themselves.

Yell’s support for local businesses goes back decades, which is why they’re experts at creating solutions that take the burden of marketing away from the business owner, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best – running their business.

How Yell builds an online presence for customers

Years ago, when consumers wanted to find a business, they’d turn to the Yellow Pages.

Today, it’s the exact same idea but in more nuanced way. Yell Business solutions are still simply about connecting consumers with businesses who offer the products or services they are searching for.

And part of this is building a professional, feature-rich and strong online presence.

Yell’s marketing solutions focus on ensuring that the business can be found easily by consumers. Much more than this, that the business will not only be trusted by consumers but also selected over their competition.

digital marketing tools are available for SMEs

Smart Websites from Yell Business

Obviously key to any business’ success, the website is at the heart of any marketing plan.

Yell’s digital expertise and long-standing experience with customer service combines with one of the leading web development platforms in the world.

The Yell and Wix partnership can create the perfect website for the customer. Local businesses in 2021 must have a strong online presence. The days of solely relying on word of mouth are long gone.

The fluctuating economic climate makes it even more important for local businesses to have a website – and one that works for their specific needs.

This could be an ecommerce site, or straightforward information website. Either way, Yell can create what’s needed.

Websites created by Yell Business are fully optimised for search engines, have a range of interactive widgets to boost visitor engagement and experience, and are optimised for mobile devices.

This integrated approach to websites ensures that the business has fast access to everything they need to help create a targeted, successful web presence.

Over the last two decades, Yell Business has built more than 380,000 websites for local businesses.

Reputation management comes as standard

Yell offers businesses a free listing on Within this listing is the Yell Reviews platform, which offers consumers to leave their thoughts on businesses they’ve used.

Consumer reviews help drive traffic to business websites, offer a conduit of two-way communication between businesses and their customers and contribute to a positive online reputation.

Streamlined solutions that help businesses reach consumers

smark website for yell business

Yell specialises in simple solutions for complex needs. And advertising online is definitely complex, particularly for people busy with running their business.

The world of digital marketing expands and fragments over time – online marketing in 2021 is vastly different to even ten years ago.

By providing the means for businesses to be visible across a network of digital brands in the UK, Yell ensures that they reach as many potential customers as possible.

Through Yell:

  • Business details are distributed across Yell’s network, which includes Amazon Alexa, Apple, Microsoft Bing, AOL and Yahoo and on itself.
  • Yell Messaging is available for no extra cost, which activates a useful AI customer service bot to manage new enquiries.
  • The free app means businesses can manage their reviews, update their online content, access messages and much more 24 hours a day.


Multi-channel online advertising

A clear advantage of Yell Business’ digital marketing solutions is the complete end-to-end strategy.

From creating an online directory listing, to building websites, Yell also offers its unique multi-channel online advertising service, Smart Performance.

Blended advertising helps drive more consumers to a business.

A website – no matter how great – isn’t enough on its own. It needs to be supported by targeted online ad campaigns to attract customers to it.

Yell’s Smart Performance blended ad campaigns has proven to double the value returned by lowering the average cost per click by 65%. This is helped by auto-optimising ad spend on a daily basis towards the channels that are delivering the best results.

How Yell helps businesses attract customers

Yell’s Smart Performance product comprises:

  • PPC (Pay per click) – promoting the business in search results via Google and Bing Ads when customers search for relevant terms.
  • Advertising on social media – channels such as Facebook and Instagram are an integral part of targeted online advertising.
  • Display advertising – these are banner ads that appear on websites and apps across Facebook Audience Network and Google Display Network.

Yell blends all of these together into a smooth, seamless digital advertising solution that maximises every customer’s investment via its artificial intelligence platform.


yell business


Why choose Yell?

There are lots of methods to choose from when it comes to effective digital marketing. However, small, and local businesses often don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to choosing, setting up and managing the right blend of tech, knowledge and process that’s necessary to get the best results.

Yell uses state-of-the-art processes, cutting-edge automation and innovative machine learning to help achieve the best results.

But more than this, Yell takes businesses through the entire process with accessible and friendly service. It’s much more than an online business listings directory.

Questions Yell Business is often asked

Yell Business is often asked the following questions by company owners considering whether to go ahead and boost their business presence this way.

“How do I get my business on”

There are almost three million business listings on It’s completely free to set up, and simple to sign up. Businesses should head to and hit Free Listing. A few details need to be filled in and then the business listing will be set live.

How much is it to advertise on”

Yell doesn’t charge businesses to list their details on This gives them access to the reviews platform and Yell Messaging too. In addition, they can download the Yell for Business app and manage their profile on the go.

Yell Business then offers paid-for options for listings to increase in prominence against competitors, alongside complementary digital marketing and online advertising options to further enhance a company’s online presence.

“Is it free to list on”

Absolutely free for the business listing and basic services. As this also gives businesses access to the Yell Reviews platform, this is a brilliant way to improve their online reputation and create trust with consumers at no cost.

“Is Yell good for advertising?” is an ideal platform to advertise a business. As the listing is free, there really is no downside. And for companies that want to invest in digital marketing services that will help drive more customers to their business, then the services offered by Yell Business are a great option to consider.



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