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Getting Started with Yoono online reputation checks – a step by step guide

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What is an Online Reputation Check? 

An online reputation check is a process of gathering information about an individual or company from online sources. Employers, landlords, and other organisations are then able to assess the suitability of an individual for a job, tenancy, or other purpose Businesses can conduct thorough due diligence on potential suppliers or companies that they do business with.


Introduction to Yoono

Yoono is an automated intelligence service that enables organisations to streamline their online reputation checks.

The platform can build on-demand data reports providing real-time insight into the people that you deal with.
Generating a Yoono report is a simple and straightforward process. Within as little as 10 minutes, the Yoono platform can provide a consistent, unbiased, and comprehensive online reputation report.

Yoono’s reports cover various aspects of an individual’s or business’s online presence, including social media activity, web content, news, and more. Yoono is user-friendly, featuring a simple registration process and an intuitive dashboard for managing searches and viewing reports. In addition to its core reporting functionality, Yoono offers customisable search parameters, allowing users to tailor their searches to their specific needs. It also provides a tiered subscription model to meet the diverse needs of its users.

Who should use the Yoono platform and online reputation checks?

Yoono for Recruitment

Hiring the wrong person can be stressful and costly for your business. Yoono online reputation checks will quickly gather all relevant and publicly available information in minutes and help you make more informed choices.

Yoono helps recruiters find high-quality candidates by analysing publicly available information to ensure you are talking to the right individuals.

Companies can also be confident that they have found the right person for the job when hiring new employees, ensuring their online presence aligns with the company’s values and standards.


Yoono for KYC (Know your Customer) Checks

Online reputation checks provide businesses with a reliable and efficient solution for customer verification and risk management. Yoono’s platform and reports streamline the KYC process, enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Yoono for Business

By leveraging Yoono, businesses can proactively manage their online reputation, mitigate potential risks, and seize opportunities to enhance their brand presence. Yoono’s comprehensive reports make it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the digital landscape and maintain a positive online image.


Yoono for Suppliers

Yoono allows businesses to conduct thorough due diligence on potential suppliers and monitor the online reputation of their existing suppliers. Yoono’s automated online reputation checks include reviews, customer feedback, social media engagement, and public perception. This comprehensive approach enables businesses to identify any red flags or areas of concern that may affect their supplier relationships and make data-driven decisions to ensure the best possible partnerships.

In this guide, we will review the Yoono platform, how to run an online reputation check and the data provided in the report along with frequently asked questions. This guide will illustrate the simplicity of the process, explain the legality of the report, and give you an idea of the type of results you can expect to see.


A Guide to Online Reputation Checks with Yoono – 6 Simple Steps

Starting with Yoono is a straightforward process designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The process can be narrowed down to 6 simple steps:


  1. Create a Yoono Account
  2. Choose Your Subscription
  3. Begin Your Search
  4. Submit your Report Request
  5. Receive your Comprehensive Online Reputation Report
  6. Understanding Your Yoono Report


Step 1: Create a Yoono Account

The first step is to create your own account on the Yoono website. Creating a Yoono account is a simple process that only takes a matter of minutes. The platform is user-friendly, and the registration process is straightforward. Users can register on the Yoono website by entering their name, company details, and position.

Once registered, users can login to their own password-protected account. This ensures the security of your information while providing a personalised experience. The registration process is straightforward and quick, allowing new users to start benefiting from Yoono reports immediately. Once you have created your account, you will then be prompted to select which subscription suits you best.


Step 2:  Choose Your Subscription

Yoono offers a tiered annual or monthly subscription, providing flexibility and options to users. The various subscription plans cater to different requirements and anticipated usage, ensuring that there’s a plan for everyone.

Choose subscription

Choosing the right plan is crucial to make the most of Yoono’s services, the plan depends on your needs and how frequently you plan to use Yoono. Here are some factors to consider:

Frequency of Use: If you plan to use Yoono frequently, a higher-tier plan may be more cost-effective. These plans offer more reports per month, making the cost per report lower than lower-tier plans.

Depth of Reports: Higher-tier plans also offer more in-depth reports, with additional features and information. If you need detailed, comprehensive reports, a higher-tier plan may be worth the extra cost.

Budget: Yoono’s tiered plans make it possible to choose a plan that fits your budget and subscribe to a level that meets your business requirements ‘

As your needs change, you may find that you need more reports or additional features. In this case, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher-tier plan via your Yoono dashboard, or by contacting the Yoono sales team.

Upgrading your subscription is a simple process and can be done at any time. Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll have immediate access to the additional reports and features of your new plan.

If you’re unsure which plan is right for you, you can find further information on the Yoono website or by contacting the Yoono sales team at [email protected]. The team can provide personalised advice based on your needs and help you choose the right plan.


Step 3: Begin Your Search

Once you’ve chosen the plan that suits your needs, you’ll be directed to the ‘search’ page, which serves as the main page of your account. Here, you can customise your report preferences based on whether you’re focusing on an individual or a business.

Begin your search

Running an online reputation check for an individual is straightforward, Yoono only requires certain basic information about the individual you’re searching for, including their first name, surname, and current/recent employer.

However, by selecting ‘add more’, you can provide additional details such as location, age. These extra details can greatly enhance the accuracy of Yoono’s findings. The more specific the information you provide, the better Yoono can customise its search algorithms to ensure that the results relate only to the individual in question.

Add more details

Starting a report for a business is as simple as entering the name of the business.

Yoono Search Modules

Yoono’s search modules allow users to customise their search according to their specific needs. The search modules available include:

  • Images Found: Utilises AI facial recognition technology to detect images.
  • Image Concerns: Employs AI to identify any images containing negative elements such as violence or firearms.
  • Bankruptcy and Court Orders: Can reveal any past financial difficulties or legal issues.
  • Google News: Scans Google for any news stories related to the search subject.
  • Educational Discrepancies: Verifies educational qualifications.
  • Social Feeds: Investigate social feeds for any potential concerns.
  • Charitable Websites: Searches web pages for mentions of charitable organisations.
  • Directorships: Look for any company directorships held by the individual.
  • Related People Deep Search: Identifies people associated with the search subject.
  • Words of Possible Concern: Checks websites for any negative or concerning language.
  • PEPs and Sanctions: Checks for any politically exposed persons (PEPs) or sanctions.
  • Company Concerns: Reviews for any areas of concern related to the company.
  • Media Mentions: Runs search results through a database of media publications.
  • Other Images: Searches the web for all images outside of social media.
  • Individual Name Mentions: Identifies websites with the individual’s name in the URL.
  • Social Channels: Scans associated social media channels.
  • Company Formations: Checks for any company formations.
  • Spelling Mistakes: Checks for any grammatical errors in the search.
  • Professional Bodies: Checks for membership in professional organisations.
  • Drugs or Alcohol: Searches for references to drug or alcohol use.
  • Political Views: Flags any expressed political views online.

Yoono Search Modules

Yoono’s Search Sensitivity

Search sensitivity

Yoono’s search sensitivity enables users to control the breadth of their search, thereby influencing the number of results returned. A narrower search yields more accurate results but fewer of them, while a broader search returns a larger number of results, though they may be less accurate. Understanding how to adjust this sensitivity is crucial for optimising the usefulness of your Yoono reports.

Step 4:  Submit Report Request

After you’ve input all the necessary information and customised your search parameters, you can request your online reputation check by clicking the ‘Start Search’ button. The screen will then transition to a , where the generation of your report begins. This process can take up to ten minutes, depending on the complexity of the search and the volume of returned results and information.

During this time, a progress indicator on the screen will keep you updated on the status. Displayed as a percentage, this indicator provides real-time updates on the completion of your report, giving you a clear idea of when to expect its delivery.

Submit report

Step 5: Receive Your Report

Your comprehensive Yoono report, meticulously compiled and tailored to your specific search parameters, will be sent to your registered email address in HTML. This format allows for easy viewing, sharing, and storing on various devices. Whether you want to view it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, this format ensures that your report is always just a few clicks away.

The report will also be readily accessible on your Yoono dashboard. This means that you can log in to your Yoono account at any time and from any device to view your report. This persistent accessibility ensures that you can revisit the report whenever necessary, making it a valuable resource for your ongoing needs.


What happens if you don’t receive your report?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive your Yoono report, there are a couple of steps you can take. Firstly, check your email’s junk or spam folder, as sometimes emails can end up there. If you still can’t find your report, don’t worry. Simply reach out to them via email at [email protected] or call on 0203 542 8689.


Step 6: Understanding Your Yoono Online Reputation Checks and Reports

Once you’ve generated a report, the next step is understanding what it is telling you. Each Yoono report is comprehensive, encompassing all publicly available information in compliance with GDPR. The report will reflect the modules and search sensitivity setting specified.


What information and platforms does the report cover?

Yoono’s comprehensive report pulls in information from thousands of data sources, conveniently collating information of interest in a summary slide, then followed by detailed pages for each area of online information.

Each of these sections will be annotated and explained in detail. The information Yoono provides is in each report is unbiased. It is up to you as the user to interpret the data the report has generated.


What will my report look like? 

The report is structured for clarity and ease of understanding, with each piece of information linked to its source and accompanied by a score indicating the likelihood of a positive match.

Our advanced system conducts a thorough analysis of numerous data points and identifies important areas of interest, including image concerns and discrepancies in education. Images of the Yoono report data below are not related to any individual and are for illustrative purposes only.

Yoono report


What Was Searched when Running your Online Reputation Check?

What Was Searched when Running your Online Reputation Check?

The first page in your report displays an overview with key statistics on the depth of the search and information where Yoono has sourced the information. Each online reputation report also details the time potentially saved running the same searches manually. To run this report manually would have taken 1 day, 17 hours and 42 minutes.

Introduction and Biography
Introduction and Biography

The Biography and Summary sections of the report provide an overview. The wordle features words or phrases related to the individual. The summary highlights the frequency of the individual’s appearance in each of the selected Yoono source modules.

Search Terms

The search terms display all the related searches used to generate the report and are based on the information included in the search form at the start and also reflect the information discovered when running the report.

Links & Further Guidance 

The subsequent sections of the report are based on the search results from the modules you selected, with the format varying depending on the type of information discovered. Each report is extensive and may run from 20 – 40 pages or more reflecting the on the search modules chosen for the platform to report on. See examples of the Media Mentions and Images Module pages below.

In your report, you will find clickable links to the source information. For instance, in the ‘Images Found’ section, there is a concise description of the text or caption associated with each photograph along with a hyperlink to the webpage from which it originated.

Yoono screenshot

Yoono screenshot

The Social Channels page will also give you direct links to the findings. You can easily access an individual’s active account by clicking on the ‘View Profile’ option. However, it is important to note that there might be limitations in accessing their profiles if they are set to private.

Yoono screenshot 3

Some modules may return no information where there is none online.


Yoono Online Reputation Checks – Accuracy

Your Yoono report will contain everything found about the individual that you that is in the public domain online in Google.

Yoono does not review the content of Social Media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc but provide you links to the individuals’ sites if our engine finds them.

The accuracy of the report is determined by the accuracy of the information that you provide on the initial search form.

Yoono uses innovative technology such as AI, image recognition, web data extraction, online identity matching, and deep learning, in coordination with your initial search inputs and confirmation, to ensure a positive match.

As no AI is 100% accurate there may be occasions where false positives are presented, where we would encourage user feedback or getting in touch with our support team here, this enables Yoono to continuously improve the Yoono solution.’

It is your responsibility to contextualise the information and make informed decisions based on the report.

Yoono Online Reputation Checks Online – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some of the more commonly asked questions about Yoono automated checks online.

What devices can you access a Yoono Reports on?

You can access your Yoono reports via most web browsers on both desktop and mobile.

Which browsers can the Yoono Reports be accessed/viewed on?

Yoono reports are accessible via all major browsers, namely: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge.

Is there a Yoono App?

The Yoono App is currently in development.

Can a Yoono Report be run in any country?

Yes – a Yoono report can be run in any country, there is no geo-blocking implemented.

How will I receive my Yoono online reputation checks and reports?

Your Yoono reports are emailed to you directly as a PDF & eBook and be housed on your Yoono dashboard, allowing you to preserve information for future reference and always be able to access your Yoono report.

Is my Yoono report GDPR compliant and legal?

Yes, Yoono reports comprise of all publicly available information, therefore GDPR compliant. Each report provides a rating on the accuracy of information presented; however, it does not rate the subject individual or subject company.

Can I run multiple Yoono reports simultaneously?

Yes, you can run multiple Yoono reports simultaneously if you have multiple searches to conduct.

Can I upgrade my Yoono subscription if my requirements change?

Yes, users can upgrade to a higher level of subscription if their requirements increase.

Who do I contact if I need help?

All subscribed customers receive complete support from the Yoono customer success team. In addition, users can provide feedback via [email protected] or call on 0203 542 8689.

What devices can the Yoono reports be accessed/viewed on?

Reports are produced as PDF files and emailed to you. So, you can access your reports on any device that can read PDFs.

What are the different packages and costs?

Details of Yoono subscription plans are detailed as part of the registration process. For further information or custom plans please email our sales team.

How does the Yoono search sensitivity affect a report?

Yoono’s search sensitivity allows a Yoono customer to broaden or narrow the search that Yoono conducts. This then increases or decreases the number of results. A narrower search provides more accurate results however a broader search provides less accurate results.


Benefits of Yoono

Online reputation checks and reports are an essential resource for businesses aiming to comprehend their online presence, individuals striving to manage their personal brand, and employers in the process of vetting potential hires.

Yoono simplifies online reputation checks for both individuals and businesses. Its user-friendly platform and customisable features allow for a personalised and efficient experience.

Manual online reputation checks can be time-consuming and therefore costly and open to human error or bias. Yoono can complete a comprehensive online reputation check within as little as 10 minutes, providing you a consistent, non-biased, comprehensive report, every time.

Yoono uses Innovative AI technology including image recognition, web data extraction, online identity matching, and deep learning, to ensure accurate and comprehensive results. Yoono checks hundreds of websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok Wikipedia, forums, websites, blogs, news, online databases, images and more.

Whether you’re conducting a one-off search or require regular reports, Yoono’s tiered subscription model caters to a wide range of needs. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly and easily generate comprehensive online reputation reports. To find out more visit



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