You can Thrive at work, without Arianna Huffington

(1) Office fruit, not doughnuts

This one is obvious but important, and there is a reason Thrive?s proposition includes nutrition advice. Those who eat crap, feel crap.

(2) No vacation emails

Do not email employees whilst on vacation, do not expect employees to be on emails on vacation. If they are, tell them off.

(3) If you take a global call at midnight, come in later

Be like Huffington and allow staff to get their eight hours’ sleep!

(4) Greet colleagues with a smile

A double shot latte and clear inbox is tempting first thing in the morning, but a positive chat with a colleague is a better start to the day and creates a good work atmosphere.

(5) Set breaks

If you work solidly in the morning, don?t celebrate by scrolling through Instagram or the Daily Mail. Get away from your desk, go for a walk, chat with someone in the kitchen. Your desk is for working and when you are not working, leave it.

(6) Office plants

Studies by Cardiff, Exeter, Queensland and Groningen Universities demonstrate that plants can increase productivity by as much as 15% as well as improving employees’ sense of wellbeing in the workplace by up to 40%. Plants are cheap, easy to look after and brighten up any office space.

(7) Create flexible working hours

This is more realistic for some lines of work than others, but generally staff appreciate the trust and flexibility this entails. Employers should focus on quality and effectiveness of employees? work, not the hours they put in. Allowing staff to work remotely is also a benefit appreciated by staff.

(8) Pay staff to volunteer

At MWW we get one day a year to volunteer for a cause of our choosing. Recently I volunteered at a newly opened Wetland in London. The sun was shining and getting outside proved to be a happy change. Encouraging employees to take a break from themselves and support the wider community is no bad thing!

(9) Get up, get out

Turn one-on-one meetings into walkings, schedule picnics for staff if its sunny, encourage employees to get out for lunch. Just get out and get moving! And yes, pub crawls count too?

(10) Don?t over-schedule meetings

Staff like to check-in with one another and discuss work progress, but too many meetings can feel like a burden and distract from getting work done, adding to stress. Try not to schedule too many meetings in, and meetings should always have a clear outcome.

James Gillies is senior account executive at MWW PR

Meet the UK leaders who lead double lives as adrenaline junkies.

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