You need to let your actions speak for themselves

Finally, the new series of The Apprentice 2017 has started bringing with it all those memories from 2015!?The first episode is always one to grab your attention, and I have to say its candidates and their actions thus far didn?t disappoint.

From cat fights to dog fights everyone is out to make their initial mark on Lord Sugar’s radar. But what they don?t get is that you need to let your actions speak for themselves ? not your mouth!

Team Vitality should?potentially have been called Team Incompetent as they flopped?? Team Graphene made absolute mincemeat of them.

The boys didn?t get their strategy right and ultimately that?s what cost them victory.

Girls, Girls, Girls?wow what a fiery bunch!

I remember what it was like on my series and blimey you wouldn?t want to have to deal with that lot on a Monday morning but, congratulations are in order as they reigned victorious and I must say, it was a well-deserved victory.

They made money, had a good product and executed the win.

The second episode, with Hotel Redesign, gave out more of a Faulty Towers vibe. After getting through the initial week the candidates will start learning about each other?s strengths and weaknesses, using these to their advantage where necessary.

After?this episode?I’m starting to see this series ending in an all-female final.?The girls weren?t scared to step up to the project manager mark this week, with Bushra Shaikh putting herself forward. She focused on the ladies’ strengths and they managed to bag the win!

Unfortunately, Jeff Wan the break dancing banker was seen “checking out” this series after hearing those dreaded words: “You?re fired!”

There seems to be a few people that are currently flying under the radar, not really getting too involved or being very easily led. What they don?t realise is, Lord Sugar is watching these behaviours and will jump on these when they least expect it.

The third week of The Apprentice will start showing the viewers’ true personalities. In 2015 our third week was all about cross-chanel discount buying so I can?t wait to see what they will have to tackle and who will be leaving in a black cab after hearing those famous words.

Joseph Valente is founder of Impra Gas, as well as 2015’s The Apprentice winner?

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