Young entrepreneur goes global

But not Anthony Eskinazi.

Eskinazi is a 23-year-old trainee accountant who studied mathematics at Leeds University. He’s launched a new website – – to link people who need to find parking spaces with those who have space to spare. His site covers Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

Inspiration struck when Eskinazi was in San Francisco. "I was attending a Giants game with a friend and found that there were massive queues to get into the stadium car park and a US$10 charge. Yet I noticed lots of empty driveways in the neighbourhood. I didn’t have the owners’ permission to use any of these.

“In future, by using, the owners will be able to make their space generate a useful income, instead of the money just going to traffic wardens,” he says.

Even though the site has global reach, Eskinazi believes it will initially be most popular in the UK and, in particular, London, “where new spaces are being identified every hour and are already available to rent for a few hours or much longer”.

This isn’t the first time Eskinazi has gone out on his own. The tech-savvy youngster has also run an IT fix-it service, an eBay business, and has developed many other websites including one for a cancer charity.

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