Apple bans boobs from iPhone apps (except artful thumbnails)

Finally, some breasts (among other things) have made it onto the Apple app store. “Boundless – Emotional Photography”, a selection of photographs by Arizona-based John Covington, is available for the bargain price of 59p.

But how did the iPhone app developers get these nude shots past Apple’s censorious staff? They are only initially visible as innocent thumbnails with the naughty bits out of shot. However, you only have to zoom in to find the high res image in all its naked glory.

The app description states: "BOUNDLESS is the hottest and sexiest application on the App Store! For the first time ever the app features topless and nude models." So there’s no "wolf in sheep’s clothing" misdirection going on here. Although there is some arty bumf about spiritual journeys and the like too. But no matter. 

The iPhone app can only be downloaded by the over 17s to protect innocent eyes. Real Business is all for giving iPhone users what they want, including naughty pictures, but we have to say this: nude images and pornographic applications are, potentially, a massively lucrative reveneue generator for iPhone app developers. How come this one slips through the net while vast numbers of applications are summarily dismissed?

Surely Apple should decide on a party line a stick to it? Have you submitted a risque or pornographic app to the iTunes App Store? Was it rejected? Are you in process of developing an app in this niche? Add a comment below or email us at

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