COVID-19: Staying 1 metre apart with distancing tape 

Distancing tape to keep people apart 
The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the world. With no known cure available, the only way to keep ourselves from catching the virus is to maintain our distance and stay away from other people. All the major countries of the world are now starting to ease country-wide lockdowns and are encouraging people to leave their homes in order to get the economy going again. Public places have opened their doors.

Dine-in is allowed in restaurants (within strict safety guidelines) and beauty salons and hairdressers have finally returnedWhile this is great for the economy, it leaves the hard question of how to keep people from coming in close proximity to each other. We know that the only way to protect ourselves from the much-despised COVID-19 is to maintain social distancing. 

However, before that can be done, businesses need to have proper SOPs in place and need to be vigilant to ensure that they’re being followed. What the authorities fear is that when businesses open, people will start flooding in, and it’ll become challenging to make people follow the metre apart protocol.  

But as the saying goes – necessity is the mother of invention. There has been a recent development that has made it possible to help people maintain a distance of metre between them, even in public places – we’re talking about distancing tapes. 

What are distancing tapes?

Distancing tapes are special tapes that have been designed keeping in mind the social distancing protocols that have been imposed during the pandemic. These are tapes with specialised text or an eye-catching design that are used to make floor markings to tell people where they’re supposed to sit or stand in public. 

They’re being used by businesses, big and small, to define walking routes and waiting areas. They’re coloured and clear. Some people choose to use plain distancing tapes while others opt for custom printed tape with concise text. 

The chances that the next time you go to get yourself a burger from McDonald’s, you’ll be made to stand at a spot marked by a distancing tape on the floor, instead of the usual just behind the other person in the line. You won’t be asked to maintain physical distance, but you’ll be shown how to do it. 

Uses of distancing tape 

You’ll be surprised to see how this new type of floor marking has found such widespread use around the world. It is being used by restaurants and shopping malls to define spots for people to stand while they’re waiting for their turns. They’re also being used in public places to mark the spaces where people should sit. You’ll also come across this tape in cafeterias in offices and food courts in malls on dining tables to indicate where a person should sit with their food. In short, every place where people are supposed to practice social distancing, distancing tape is being used to visualise the idea and help people follow social distancing protocols. 

Benefits of using distancing tape 

If not distancing tape, then what? Would you hire an individual solely for the purpose of telling everyone who walks through the door to keep a distance of at least metreWill you be okay with constantly reminding people that they’re standing too close to each other? Constant human intervention will only create frustration among the general public. The use of distancing tape is a great way to spread your message without actually being vocal. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of using distancing tape. 

High visibility 

Distancing tape offers high visibility. The chances that someone fails to see these markings are extremely slim. If you’re opting for custom printed labels, the visibility will be even higher. 


If you think you’ll have to replace the distancing tape markings every few days, you’re highly mistaken. The best thing about these tapes is that they’re long-lasting and highly resistant to abrasion from foot traffic. So, whether it’s a restaurant or the airport, you don’t have to worry about them coming off or fading away! 


Distancing tapes are very versatile and can be used on any surface. They have high level of adhesion and will hold on tightly to any surface they’re applied on, be it tiles, marble, or wood. 

Convenient application 

There is no special application method when it comes to distancing tapes. You don’t need to hire any skilled laborer for it. All you’ve got to do is get distancing tape rolls, unwind them, stick them on the floor in straight lines, and you’re done! 

Closing word

It won’t be wrong to say that distancing tape is the need of the time. The health authorities around the world have made it pretty clear that maintaining physical distance is the only way to protect yourself. While we still don’t know for sure how long COVID-19 can stay airborne or how far it can travel when an affected person coughs or sneezes, it is best to maintain the recommended distance of metre. 

Only if this basic COVID-19 safety protocol is followed will the governments be more confident in allowing businesses, both essential and non-essential, to operate like they used to pre-COVID-19. None of us like our countries the way they’ve been for the past few months. Things won’t stay the same forever. All we need is a strict and vigilant system to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed and a lot of cooperation from everyone. We’re in this together, and we’ll find our way out of it together! 

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