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Staying focused and ready for the challenges ahead through chakra meditation

chakra meditation

Did you know the co-founder of Cisco Systems, Sandy Lerner, not only jousts but has a room filled with lances” Jeff Bezos is constructing a 10,000 year clock and Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, is known for his love of magic tricks. The point is that there are some unusual hobbies out there and chakra meditation is one of them.

Having uncovered the tech entrepreneur with a love of music and the surfer who turned his passion into his career, Real Business has become a firm believer in the need for hobbies especially since both founders expressed how it helped them unwind from the pressures of work.

That is just one of the benefits of investing in a hobby. Reedsy co-founders Emmanuel Nataf and mixologist Ricardo Fayet featured in our series looking at the unusual interests of entrepreneurs claimed it did wonders for productivity. This is no different for Sarra Bejaoui, co-founder of SmartPA, a company which specialises in delivering PA and administrative services.

But there are two more things Bejaoui’s hobby of chakra meditation is good for. First of all, skill development. The Harvard Review dedicated an article on the subject, explaining that meditation sharpened skills like attention, memory and emotional intelligence. Another perkis thatit helps?maintain a peace of mind.

She explained:?At the moment I am running a successful virtual PA and admin services company in the UK, with exciting plans to expand globally. But this also means my life has been extremely hectic as I?m constantly on-the-move with big decisions to make on a daily basis. Which is why it’s so vital for me to set aside time to do something for the mind whether it’s to take part in something active, or take part in something still.”

For those unaware, there’s an acute difference to meditation and chakra meditation the latter focuses on human energy channels and a deep self awareness.?The chakra system is divided into seven zones, and wheneach area is balanced then the whole body works in harmony.

This concept was further explained by?Bejaoui, who said: “To help me stay in touch with myself I regularly participate in chakra meditation. It not only helps with deep healing, but goes a long way in balancing on a spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Through this form of meditation I always feel on top of the world. Personally, after years of experimenting with other hobbies, I finally found one that really suits my needs.”

Among its espoused virtues isits ability to foster?patience and tune out distractions. And it undoubtedly helpsBejaoui stick to her motto of ?You?re not a product of your circumstances, you are a product of your decisions.

Bejaoui emphasises what we’ve found to be the case for many entrepreneurs in our unusual hobbies series. Finding something to make you forget about the ins and outs of business, even if it’s just for a little while, will allow you to?recharge your?batteriesAnd unwind. Maybe it also?brings to light the fact that there are numerous unique ways to?let go of the stresses of the day.

The series isn’t finished yet though, as we’ve yet to heard from the man with 50 sheep and the founder helping vets take care of rhinos in his spare time. On a parting?note though,?Bejaoui said: “Find a hobby that will make you‘stay focusedAnd ready for the challenges ahead.

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