Kate Middleton picks Branson’s brains

It’s just not fair. Kate Middleton already has some heavyweight business brains in her family: her parents Carol and Michael Middleton founded party supply firm Party Pieces in 1987 and the business is still going strong. But, by virtue of her relationship with Branson’s daughter, Holly, Kate Middleton can now count entrepreneur-in-chief Richard Branson as a partner and advisor.

After "bumping into" the Virgin boss at several parties, Kate Middleton has brokered a joint venture with Richard Branson to offer some Virgin "experience days" on her parents’ website. Pretty soon, you’ll be able swing over to Partypieces.co.uk to pick up a penata and some surfing lessons to boot.

The Daily Mail reports: "Kate Middleton’s kept in regular contact and asked Sir Richard for his business advice. She respects him and thinks his guidance will assist her carving a new career for herself.

"He was only too happy to help her and has been instrumental in helping to set  up the partnership with Party Pieces."

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