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Liam Fox is unfit to represent Britain’s “fat and lazy” business leaders

Dear Liam Fox,

I am writing to you in your capacity as secretary of state for international trade and president of the board of trade of this country. Why” Because in your extraordinary remarks to Conservative activists, you upset a lot of Brits by calling business leaders fat and lazy.

Moreover, I query your thoughts on there being no point of us reshaping global trade. Surely as secretary of state for international trade you would be doing yourself out of a job if we stopped trading on a global level?And I believe your cited figure of only 11 per cent of UK firms exporting is inaccurate especially when stating it in a quarter where British exports have just grown” Careless researchers, eh?

But back to calling us fat and lazy. In stark contrast to your proclamation that bosses would rather play golf than contribute to the UK’s prosperity, I’d say we ve been far too busy to take a break. And here’s why: you might have heard of a little thing called the recession. It is has kept us all busy ensuring our businesses go on contributing to the national coffers. I also won’t be too beastly and mention those pictures of you on a golf course that made the social media round over the weekend. What I am going to do, however, is reflect the ups and downs of your career.

There have been various palavers over your expenses. It must have been terrible having to take out a second mortgage just to pay for all those nice redecorations you were doing. And we all appreciate how good it was of you to repay the money after your appeal was turned down.

That was some mobile phone bill to run up, even if you were abroad £19,000 in four years!”I was relieved to hear you were looking at a cheaper tariff afterwards. And how diligent your office has became in more recent years to file your car expenses by the metre.

It is so good to see that you have become older and wiser and managed to avoid any fingers being pointed at you when you pocketed that nice £50,000 contribution from Jon Moulton, before his firm invested in an aerospace firm supplying components for military aircraft. It must have been a huge relief when you weren?t found to have violated anything that time.

Mind you, you are clearly managing some finances right. For an ex doctor turned MP having a valued wealth of at least £1m isn’t too shabby. But you haven?t actually ever run a business yourself have you ?

I think this is one of the problems we all have when you talk about us being fat and lazy. We all work hard and contribute a lot in providing both jobs and taxation monies to provide to the prosperity of Britain. As to when you talk about us having to think about our duty, I doubt you’ve been thinking about your personal duty to the country when you accumulate your wealth in so many various ways.

The more I think about it, the more insulting I find your suggestions. In fact, both your track record, and your latest remarks make me believe you’re entirely unfit to represent British business leaders. If you know your duty, for the good of British Business and Britain’s standing in the world please resign and stay resigned.



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