Friday, 20 March 2009

Recently dug my heels in with Barclays and told them I was moving unless I could deal with my old manager who had been promoted elsewhere. Having previously been told this was impossible due to internal politics, playing hard ball worked. I’m now back with my old bank manager who actually does communicate with his customers and is used to me and my strange little ways and – more to the point – totally supportive of same.   Feel sad for him on hearing his tales of regular lynching at public gatherings; surely the banks should use their PR people – rather than good managers – to take the banking flak.  Equally, is it really necessary for otherwise intelligent men and women to turn all their hatred on the individuals who have no power over the larger organisation? Saw the accountant for a review of last year’s accounts and the good news is that they contained no surprises and we have managed to increase profits. That notwithstanding, our one and only barrier between us and serious money is productivity and wages costs, and it is heartbreaking to see this stopping an otherwise successful little venture. Our restructuring policy had better fulfil its promises!

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