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How your business can benefit from Instagram marketing

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Content expert, Uday Tank reveals the ways Instagram can be harnessed for effective business marketing purposes…

The popularity of Instagram is continuously growing, and with it the opportunities for brands that want to strengthen their influence through Instagram marketing. Although in its beginnings Instagram lagged behind Facebook in terms of number of users and popularity, times have changed a lot.

With the total number of users, Facebook is still leading in this race, but Instagram is slowly but surely progressing. The total number of users exceeded 800 million at the end of 2017, and according to statistics, it is actively used by around 500 million people a day.

The first steps

While for some Instagram app is being used only for fun, to show things from the last purchase, a new hairstyle and a good time, others have used this social network to make money. Others you use it benefit from it.

Advertising on Instagram means paying, that is, sponsoring certain content in order for it to reach as many targeted users as possible. Advertising on Instagram can help your brand to be more visible, to make your site more visited, but also to simply get even more fans and hopefully potential customers. What can be problematic for you is the fact that there is no place for text on Instagram.

In order to even think about making money through Instagram, it is necessary to have followers. It is not always necessary for these to be dizzying figures, but it is important that your companions interact with you, that is, that you present yourself to a specific target group. Because of that it is important sometimes to buy Instagram real likes, as it will provide you greater benefit from this network.

Building up your profile

Instagram advertising currently has the best effect and the best results of all social networks, simply because people respond well to good pictures and good video. With new features and places to advertise, Instagram provides a good choice for the vast majority of businesses. Now, in addition to the standard places, you can send interested parties to a website or other landing page, as well as collect leads.

Advertising on Instagram makes you increase your customer base from all over the world, or by local advertising on Instagram, you introduce yourself to the neighbourhood.

Let your Instagram account have a theme – your present reviews of restaurants, clubs or other places, share a passion for fashion, music, art. When posting photos, use tags that will increase your visibility on Instagram and be sure to post content regularly. Thus, the number of those who follow you will grow every day, which makes you ideal to use this network in one of the following, profitable ways.

With Instagram, you have a number of creative ways to display content inspired by a particular product, and thus successfully advertise a brand that will pay you for it.

Make use of content opportunities

You can also advertise the web address of a certain company by putting a link in the description of your account. It is also recommended that you create a special page through which you will direct visitors to the product, so that you know how many people decided to buy just because of you. This is a great way to combine nice and useful, and through advertising you enjoy your favorite products, and at the same time get paid for it.

Instagram users who attract a large number of followers can make money by creating sponsored content for different brands. It’s simply a photo or video clip that represents a particular product, but unlike affiliate marketing, you’re paid by the post itself. Such content is usually accompanied by an appropriate description, hashtags of the brand and tagging of the company’s profile.

What’s important when it comes to sponsored texts is that product promotion fits into the image you’ve already built on Instagram. The idea of this kind of advertising is to give followers the impression that you are already using a certain product in everyday life, and not just because they paid you for it.

If you run your own business, Instagram will be an indispensable platform for presenting the products and services you offer. In addition to the products themselves, offer photos that show what your business process looks like and what inspires you in business.

This way you will connect more closely with them and thus build a positive image of your brand. Showcase your products in everyday circumstances, arranged as a gift for a loved one, and show potential customers all the ways they can use what you sell.

If you follow this guidelines, without a doubt you will be able to benefit from Instagram marketing.


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