Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Most of morning spent on yet another disciplinary matter with junior from offices. Painfully aware that I needed to be extra kind and tolerant as real fault lay with manager who had both over promoted and failed to supervise.

Restructuring was all based around getting the right management and subsequently right line managers in place to turn this business around. Having horrible day trying to get head round the fact that I’ve persevered with this for nearly six months and have come up failing.

Litigation, too, seems to have become the name of the game. Most of my days seem to be spent either consulting HR people so that completely useless staff do not sue us for being wrongfully treated when we do something drastic like ask them to work, or consulting solicitors to endeavour to dodge completely unreasonable customer demands for – the new buzz phrase – compensation. This is for anything between the van being stuck in traffic onwards. Seem to work harder, for less satisfaction both financially and personally.

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