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Why I?m not confused Lord Sugar named two Apprentice 2017 winners

The latest series of the BBC’s The Apprentice has made TV history, as not one, but two Apprentice 2017 winners have been crowned in Sarah and James.

Maybe you’re elated about the Apprentice 2017 winners as you were backing either candidate from the start, or simply confused at Lord Sugar’s decision to invest £250,000 in both parties?

I’ve outlined why there are several clear reasons he opted for two Apprentice 2017 winners and a double victory.

Investable individuals

Both Sarah and James are investable people, but for very different reasons.

James is young, hungry and ambitious, and despite his figures being insanely optimistic, it’s clear he will work hard to achieve his goals, and build the big business Lord Sugar is looking for.

Sarah, on the other hand, probably has the best business acumen out of all this year’s candidates, so stands to reason she d be named as one of The Apprentice 2017 winners. She’s sharp, calm and collected, she responds well in any given situation, she’s excellent at pitching and negotiation and, as Claude has said multiple times, she’s trustworthy.

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Industry experience

Both James and Sarah boast quantifiable experience in their fields.

James is a proven recruiter, who said time and time again during the interviews stage that he knows his sector inside out. He may not have built a business before, but with proven industry experience, combined with guidance and advice from Lord Sugar, I am confident he will be successful.

Sarah has been in business since 2009. She may not have been able to build a seven-figure firm during this time, but she knows her sector, she knows her margins and she knows what will or won’t generate profit.

If you look back at previous winners, Lord Sugar has never chosen someone who isn’t experienced in their field. To build a successful business, you need to know your industry sector, and you need to know what does or doesn’t work.

Sarah and James have both successfully demonstrated this, hence Lord Sugar’s decision for them as his Apprentice 2017 winners.

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Proven concepts

As we know, this won’t be Lord Sugar’s first investment in either the recruitment or food industries. He has proven business success in Ricky Martin and Alana Spencer, who are both doing exceptionally well.

Therefore, where onlookers may have perceived the double victory a risky move, Lord Sugar knows that both sectors have resulted in profitable businesses and history has taught him that this is a very wise investment.

That said, welcome to the winners” circle, Sarah and James!

Mark Wright is director of Climb OnlineAnd winner of The Apprentice 2014 he ll be back next week with lessons of the latest episode

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