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Tips from an entrepreneur on making employees fall in love with your business

For all companies, retaining talent is a key priority. The role of human resources is enormous and therefore, regardless of size, companies should take special care of their employees.

Ticketbis, a start-up that has generated hundreds of jobs in recent years, is very clear that employee loyalty is as important as customer loyalty. We know what customers we address and, in the same way, we also understand our employees. Startups shouldnt neglect the well-being and happiness of their employees at work, even though they have less budget to cater for their needs.

1. Recreation is not incompatible with work

Each one of the departments of Ticketbis has an annual budget to spend on fun dinner, bowling or more specific team-building activities are some of the initiatives that have benefited employees. 

With an average age of 28 years, our staff is awfully young, therefore we found it very interesting how,as a company, we could suggest activities aligned with their interests. Before we used to think about these actions ourselves but now, with over 300 employees, we accept proposals from staff around the world.

2. Communication flow

Internal communication is very important for the structure of the company to be solid and, contrary to what one might think, a small business needs it as much as a large one. 

Our size allows us to do things that would be impossible for big businesses – being small is not always a disadvantage. If we are strengthening the team, if were devoting part of our income to work with an NGO or if were going to launch in a new country, our employees should be made aware.

3. Listen to ideas and encourage corporate creativity 

Active listening is very important when aiming towards a horizontal system of management. Brainstorming sessions are one of the most common form of meetings Ticketbis in which area managers have explicit orders to periodically gather the ideas of every member of the team. One of the latest ideas of corporate creativity in the company was the launch of the Ticketbis Engineering blog that shows the work of the IT department inside and outside of Ticketbis.

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4. An International experience for everyone

When companies go through a process of internationalisation and offices start opening abroad, you want all your employees to not only understand this process, but also to experience it. Ticketbis gives employees the option to go work overseas for a period of four to eight weeks at any office they choose. The company also helps to finance the trip. This way, workers get acquainted with business dealings in different countries and get a wider understanding of the global influence and inner-workings of the company itself. 

Not only that, but experiencing cultural differences first hand can really improve the way employees interact with each other and with customers. Sometimes, people spend years working for multinational companies without ever experiencing life outside of their own country.

5. To learn is to grow

Training is one of the most common means of motivating employees. As important as it is to focus the training process around customer needs, it is just as important to make sure that it also fills the needs of the team.  

For example, with over 15 nationalities working side by side in our Madrid and Bilbao offices, language training is necessary. Spanish and English are the official languages of Ticketbis and our employees can enjoy free one hour weekly language classes. In addition, each department has a budget to organise training activities that assess the needs of each employee and provide specific skills so that they can add value to the rest of the team.



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