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From floating cubes to reacting chandeliers, RockPaperRobot aims to make the world a magical place

Let’s face it, we re attracted to things that float not flying bugs but the mystical object kind of variety. We re curious by nature and will end up pondering how this ?magic came to be. And at the end of the day, we ll desperately want to buy it. That being said, have you heard of Brooklyn-based company RockPaperRobot?

RockPaperRobot is in the business of creating floating furniture seriously. But it’s not due to magic per say. The company makes use of cleverly placed magnets to levitate cubes.

One of its biggest attractions is the float coffee table it looks like a large scale version of a rubix cube and despite what you may think, the levitating cubes that make up the table are incredibly sturdy. Just watch:

Of the product, RockPaperRobot founder Jessica Banks, explained: “The float table took thousands of hours to perfect, from the engineering to the assembly process to the fine wood working techniques. The hardest part was to hide the complexity of the product in order to celebrate the physics of the system.”

The coffee table itself retails for £16,183, which is why we took a closer look at RockPaperRobot’s other offerings. A side table, an elongated version of the coffee table, has a price tag of ?8,091.


But if cubes aren?t your thing then the company also offers a table for lovers of all things diamond. Indeed, there’s a table shaped like a diamond, has no legs and appears to be balancing on its point, for 8,496.

It’s even been said that the company creates a robotic chandelier thatcontracts and reacts when you walk underneath it its?price is on a whole different scale.

Temporarily blinded as a child, Banks has gained a new perspective on furniture. She told BuzzFeed: ?It often feels like I?m lifting weights with my eyes. My eyeballs feel heavy, but then geometries in the world will cross and I make these visual mistakes that make me think,?Whoa. My brain doesn’t know a mistake right away, so the world becomes more magical.

As for the price nobody really needs a levitating table,” she added. Nobody needs a Rembrandt either, but it’s art.

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