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The Olympics are here!

As I type, the opening ceremony is unfolding, wowing billions of people around the world. Soon the competition will begin and [sledging alert] Australia will show the Poms how it’s done.

And I think that it’s about time the UK started to get really excited about the 2012 Games. Because in only four years time, it will be London’s turn to host the greatest sporting event on earth.

You may moan and whinge about the cost of the Games and question whether it’s going to do anything for the UK but how about a bit of faith?

Yes, there will be scandal and drama but when the Games are here it’s going to be such an exciting time for the Capital. The attention will be on London and the rest of the UK like never before. There’ll be an influx of tourists and a hefty injection of cash into the economy.

And let’s not forget the benefits for business. Now, we’ve been banging on about this for a while now but I think it’s important to focus again on the money that UK firms can make through the Olympics on this auspicious day.

Companies, both small and large, are already cashing in on the 2012 Games and new business opportunities are opening up by the day.

So c’mon all ye citizens of the UK: get excited about the London Games. They’ll be here before you know it.

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