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Why Do You Want to Work Here? – Interview Question Tips

Why Do You Want to Work Here

The question ‘Why do you want to work here’ is a common one asked at job interviews but it can be tricky to answer well in the heat of the moment. The answer that you give to this question has the potential to set you apart from other candidates competing for the same role, so it makes sense to prepare a well thought out answer ahead of your interview in case it comes up.

A strong answer shows the hiring manager that you’ve researched the company, share its value and goals and have the skills and experience needed to become an asset to the team.

Read on for some simple tips to give the best answer possible to this question at your next interview.

Why do Interviewers Always Ask this Question?

The interviewer’s role is to establish if you’re a good fit for the role, company and team that you’re applying to work in.

One way of doing this is to ask open-ended questions that allow you to demonstrate how you communicate, your ability to reflect and provide well thought out answers that don’t directly relate to your experience and expertise listed on your cv.

The way you answer these types of questions can say a lot about you and if you answer well, you can really see yourself apart from other candidates answering the same questions.

Different Answers Which Will Impress Potential Employers

There are so many ways of answering this question but some are naturally more effective than others. Let’s have a look at some useful ones.

1. “I See this Company as a Great Option for My Career Development”

Being an ambitious person will be a plus point. Employers love to see this trait in their employees. They do not want someone who will join their company for a short term. They want someone who will want who is determined to grow and develop their career during their stay in their company.

For example:

“I saw that your company has a fantastic record for promoting from within and providing training opportunities for employees. I am very ambitious and I am looking for a company where I can develop my skills and knowledge so that I can progress in my career. I believe that your company would be the perfect place for me to do this.”

For example:

“I noticed that your company has a great track record for promoting within and offering training opportunities. This appeals to me because I’m looking to progress within a company and would like longevity within a company rather than moving around every few years. I’m really looking for a role where I can develop my skills and explore my career and feel that this is a good fit. 

By this way, you are implying two things:

  1. That you did your research work about this company. You are positive that it will be the opportunity that you need to meet your career goals.
  2. You want a future in this company.

The interviewer now knows that you are a committed person. These traits will tilt the scale in your favour when compared to someone who hasn’t done their research.

2. “I am Passionate about Your Company’s Mission/Values”

Make a good impression by indicating those interviewing you that you share the same values as their company. So, do not forget to learn more about the company culture and values as well. During the interview, make use of this knowledge. Use examples to show that you share the same beliefs and that you have looked them up online to see what they stand for as a company.

For example, you can try this:

“ I was greatly impressed to notice from your website that environmental sustainability is highly valued in this company. Being eco-friendly myself, I will be glad to work for a company that is making a contribution to the welfare of the environment.”

You can also relate any anecdote related to this, it will show that you are not just trying to impress them, but that you genuinely meant it. This small example can help you stand out from your competitors.

3. “I Was Impressed by Your Company’s Achievements/Recent Projects”

If you want to work for a company, it is important to be up-to-date with their recent news and developments. This shows that you are interested in the company and what they are doing, rather than just looking for any old job because you need the money. Many applicants turn up to job interviews without even bothering to research the company so showing that you have in-depth knowledge of the history and achievements of the organisation will show how serious you are about the position.

Being able to comment on recent success stories or newsworthy topics of interest to the organisation that you’re applying to work at is a huge tick for interview panels. It demonstrates that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry, that you’ve taken the time to research the company, and are serious about the position, company and its activities.

A great answer to this question might be:

“I know about your recent collaboration with X from your blog. That was impressive! X has great potential, this project will bring great innovative contributions to this industry. When I read about the details of this project, I was really excited. I hope that I will get the chance to work on something similar soon.”

This statement not only hints that you were interested in the company but it equally shows how passionate you are for this industry. It shows how ambitious you are as well.

4. “I am Excited by the Travel Opportunities Your Company Provides”

Reading the company’s blog will help you to know interesting facts about the company. For instance, you will know if it has international partners or if the employees regularly go abroad to attend meetings and conferences. You can use this information to talk about travel opportunities to different countries and how exciting you find this! Employers will like it if you are adaptable and open-minded. If you can speak multiple languages or have other past travelling experience, it will be a plus point.

For example, you may say:
“I love visiting new countries. I am thrilled at the idea of having a job which gives me the chance to travel to different countries. I have been working in X countries for a few years. I understand this language well and I could communicate fluently with the clients there. I am confident that I could be helpful to your company with my communication skills to build up a strong network of contacts.”

By expressing yourself this way you will show that you have a lot to offer and that you can professionally represent your company in other countries.

5. “I Have the Skills and Experience You are Looking for”

This is your opportunity to really sell yourself and your skills to the employer. Highlight the key points from your CV which make you the perfect candidate for this particular role and explain how your skills and experience will benefit the company.

You should also try to weave in some context on your skills and experience when answering the ‘why do you want to work here’ question in an interview. It’s a great place to emphasise key details from your CV and demonstrate how they fit well into this position.

For example you can respond this way:

“I have three years experience working in customer services which have helped me enhance and excel my communication skills. During this time, I was also responsible for training new team members so I’m able to deliver clear instructions and support others in learning new tasks in a way that suits them.

Explaining how you fit the job profile perfectly will show that you can hit the ground running and will automatically add value to the company.

6. “I am Excited by Your Company’s Policy of Promoting from Within”

When you carry out research about the company, be sure to learn about their promotion policy. It is good to know in advance if they promote employees from within. In fact, you should be prepared and make mention of it during the interview. Show them how enthusiastic you feel about it, and praise them for providing such good opportunities for their employees to grow in their careers!

An example answer might be:
“Your company has a very appealing policy of promoting from within. This opportunity is very exciting, especially, since I am a very ambitious person. I really look forward to making significant progress in my career. I want to spend my time working in such a company where I get the chance to improve my skills and also to climb up through the ranks. I am positive that I will be a good plus to your company. I also believe that you will give me the chance and support to rank up.”

By answering like this, you will show that you do not aim for short-term goals. You are someone who has the willpower to be laborious and will strive to achieve them. This can also reassure them that you genuinely want to contribute to the company’s success.

7. “I am Interested in Your Company’s Plans for Expansion”

Knowing that a company is growing and expanding is a good indicator that it’s going from strength to strength. If you can see this, then it’s worth mentioning in the interview as it demonstrates again that you’ve done your homework and can see how you would fit into the landscape.

One way to answer this question could be:

“I read on the news that in the upcoming years you plan on expanding your operations. I find this very exciting and I hope I can be part of it! My experiences extend to X, Y and Z which will be a significant asset in a new market. I am positive I will be a great fit in this project and can contribute to make it a success.”

This is an excellent way of answering for three reasons.

  1. It shows you did a great job researching the company thoroughly.
  2. You get to talk about your skills and how you can contribute to the company.
  3. It demonstrates that you are confident in your abilities.

8. “This Company is Renowned for Treating its Employees Well”

The treatment of employees is an important factor for many people when they are choosing a company to work for. If you have done your research and you know that this is something the organisation takes seriously, make sure to mention it in your answer. Attracting the best talent is very competitive so research the added benefits which come with the role and explain why you value and appreciate them.

Researching a company is also about knowing how well they will treat its employees after joining. Do they offer excellent benefits to employees? Is flexible working encouraged? If you are satisfied with their treatment, let them know how much you appreciate it.

For instance:

“The benefits package that you offer your employees is impressive, offering X,Y,Z shows that your employees are valuable to you, this is an important trait to me as it ensures me that you do your best to provide a good working environment. I am very glad of it and in turn, it encourages me to repay the favour by striving to do my best for the company as well.”

If someone referred you to this company, you can make mention of him/her and how they praised the company and made you even more interested to work there. This will be a plus point for you as the interviewer will know that you are not just bragging but speaking from what you know.

Final Thoughts

Effectively answering ‘why do you want to work here’ is a good way to set yourself apart from other candidates applying for the same job role as you. It requires you to do your homework on the company, assess how your experience and expertise align with the role and to be able to communicate well. Get these things right and you will signal to the interviewer that you’re an asset to the team and will be a great candidate for the role on offer.



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