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Food that will improve your employees” wellbeing and performance

Employees arriving at work early and leaving late to cram as much as they can into the day is not uncommon, with these added hours spent at the desk reducing the work-life balance even further.

With this in mind, there is an increasing demand for sources of healthy fuel in the office. Here, George Rouse, managing director and executive chef at boutique catering company, George’s Kitchen, offers four excellent reasons why corporate catering should be something to consider.

If staff are working longer hours and sacrificing some of their own time to get work done, then it’s likely they are going to need some additional motivation. Providing your staff with nutritious and high-quality food shows them that their wellbeing has been considered and that you care about their experience at work.

Foods that are full of healthy fats such Omega 3 (particularly fish) or vegetarian alternatives including soya beans and walnuts will enhance concentration. They provide essential fatty acids which the body doesn’t naturally make, so obtaining them through a diet for added brain power is essential.

If you want your employees to stay focused rather than thinking about how hungry they are, brown wholegrain food will provide energy that is slowly released. Avocados and kale are the millennial way to eat your greens” and foods like these, that are full of healthy fats but low in calories, are easier to digest so ideal to snack on during the work day.

Similarly, employees who are regularly eating foods with high levels of potassium (bananas are an easy option) will have reduced stress levels and lower levels of fatigue. It’s also likely your staff are going to crave something sweet and when it’s so easy to catch a cold in an office, everyone can benefit from a fruit platter full of vitamin C.

One way to ensure quality food, excellent service and a memorable experience is by investing in corporate catering for events such as team meetings or team building days. Often these meetings can indeed last the whole day, and while it might be tempting for staff to reach for unhealthy snacks when their concentration is waning, providing nutritious food will have much greater benefits.

It’s a nourishing alternative

Most people in the office will reach for a snack throughout the day, either out of hunger or boredom. Of course, this is okay from time to time, but if you need the concentration levels of your staff to be at their maximum, then they need good, nutritious food.

Investing in a catering company for a busy day of meetings ensures you will have a menu full of healthy options that sustain people. It’s no secret that good food enhances people’s general wellbeing, but this will then extend into the quality of work that is being done during office hours.

It can work to your timetable

Corporate caterers are experienced in their field, so they can work to your timetable. For example, if there is a key speaker throughout the day, you can let the caterer know at what specific times you would like food and drink brought out. The inclusion of high-quality food can increase the experience of the whole day, making it a more memorable event.

It sets a standard

If you are running an all-day event and expect your employees to be productive and engaged for a particularly long number of hours, then hiring a corporate caterer sets the bar. Food can even be a great topic of conversation and gives people something to chat about in between meetings, keeping interest levels up.

A quality corporate caterer gives a good impression to your staff and anyone who might be visiting. If you are expecting your staff to turn up to an all-day meeting or corporate event at their best, choosing a quality caterer shows the same can be expected of the employer.

It’s catered to you

Quite literally, corporate caterers can meet your needs by developing a set menu which appeals to everyone in the office. If you need food that’s going to keep people fuller for longer, or know that your staff will appreciate a change from their usual sandwich or microwave meal at lunch time, then a corporate caterer is the direction to go in.


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